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Strategic Initiative Agency

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects," established to implement instructions of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on May 17, 2011 number of VP-P16-3168 (item 15) and May 27, 2011 № VI -P13-3511.


Creating opportunities for self-realization of ambitious young leaders who can lead Russia to the forefront in the world, to build a country in which you want to live and work.


·         Promotion of projects and initiatives of fast-growing medium-sized businesses in the social sphere.

·         Development and increasing the number of leaders of medium-sized businesses and the social sector.

·         Improving the business climate, creating a positive image of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the Russian society.

·         Promote the development of professional competencies.

·         Creation and support of the "new" youth management of social institutions.

·         Development of NGOs in the social services sector, primarily budget.

Key features

·         Support initiatives

·         Project Management: Initiation and search, selection and promotion

·         Network development Agency

·         Elimination of administrative barriers

·         Dissemination of best practices

·         Change management of the legal framework

·         Support for young professional groups